Male and Female

Male and Female.  Man and Woman.  Gentleman and Lady.  Masculine and Feminine.  Each of these words conjure in our minds different thoughts or emotions.  Male and female remind us that there are two different genders in the world and these two distinct genders are needed for procreation even in the plant and animal world.  A gentleman and a lady remind us of the actions of a male and a female while masculine and feminine remind us of characteristics of these two separate genders.

Male and Female.  Two distinct genders with many similarities and many differences.  If we look simply at the physical characteristics of a male and female each has a heart, brain, skin, eyes, feet, legs, etc.  Yet, in these many similarities of their physical qualities there are also differences in their physical appearance and genetic makeup that makes them distinct from each other. Distinct yet similar. 

Male and Female.  When we compare the male and female of the human race with the animal and plant world there are similarities but there are also many differences.   As male and female of the human race, we have attributes that cause us to be distinct from animals: self-conscious, abstract thinkers, emotional, morally conscious, distinct language, conversant, and relational.  I know first-hand that animals have the ability to be loyal to their owners, make great companions, and can understand communication and can also communicate with humans.  However, their communication is not to the complexity of humans, nor is their level of relationship to the degree that we share as humans. 

Male and Female.  Genesis 1:27, 28 reminds us that man and woman were made in the image of God, given a command to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, and to have dominion over the earth.  These verses summarize who we are and what our responsibilities are as human beings.  The problem we face in our world today is that we have strayed so far from the original intent of our Creator.  When a painter paints a picture, his intent is for it to hang on a wall and be admired.  When a baker makes a cake, his intent is for the cake to be eaten and enjoyed.  When an author writes a book, his intent is for the book to be read.  None of these people have the intent of their creation to be anything other than their original design.  Since the original design of the baker is to make a cake to eat and enjoy, and we decided to use the cake to paint the walls of our home we would have missed the original intent of the baker.  In order to understand our roles and responsibilities as humans we must look at the original intent of the Creator. 

Male and Female.  When life began on the earth, things were uncomplicated and straightforward.  There was simply a garden with animals and plants; a sky filled with stars, a moon, and the sun; and trees full of delicious fruit to eat and enjoy.  Life was simple, and so was the original design of the Creator.  Looking at our lives today through the lens of original intent will help us to be who the Creator made us to be.