A Sweet Love Story


Aren’t we secretly and some of us openly always up for a sappy Hallmark movie.  Why does this story always strike a chord in our hearts?  Because we all long for that wistful romance to be a part of our lives.  I have watched a real life “Hallmark” movie play out before me.

Danielle, our oldest daughter, and her boyfriend Aaron got engaged a few weeks ago.  The beauty of their love story is the simplicity of it.  There was no drama.  They met.  They took their time and got to know each other.  They started dating.  They got engaged. Now they are planning their wedding.

They always invited people to be a part of their lives.  They lived their love story out loud with no secrets.  Nothing to hide.  It is simple and sweet.

As much as they enjoy being together, they also enjoy being together with others.  They have friendships they still enjoy and have not left those behind because of each other.  They did not forget who they were before they met.  They did not forget the friends they had before they met.

They look for ways to serve the Lord together and apart.

If I could write a script for a love story, I would write it to mirror theirs.  The names would be different.  The circumstances would be different.  But the sweetness and the innocence would be the same.

When they got engaged, they invited all who had been a part of their journey to be a part of their engagement.  They invited family to celebrate with them.  They invited friends to celebrate with them.

Our lives were meant to be shared, not kept as a secret.  Not meant to be held so closely to the chest that no one could read what we write.

They strive to be pure.  They willingly and sweetly do nothing in private they are not willing to do in public.

They treat each other with kindness and respect.  They are students of each other seeking to love the other as they want to be loved.  They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and do not hold these things against the other, but accept these things and encourage each other to strive toward greatness without a hint of condemnation.

The journey they have been on has been a challenge as Aaron battled cancer soon after they started dating.  They grew stronger together through this difficult battle.  They drew strength from each other and saw the Lord do wonderful things in and through them during this time.

Aaron and Danielle, congratulations!  May this sweet journey you have embarked on continue to be a beacon to those around you of a love story that can be if we keep our eyes fixed on the “Author and Perfecter of our faith.” (Hebrews 12:2).  I love you both and am thankful that you have found each other.


Happy 21st Birthday, Danielle


Twenty-one years ago today, I became a Mom.  As with all of us, we have a story that leads up to being a Mom.  My story starts when I was in high school.  As I was considering options for college, I seriously considered being a medical doctor.  I enjoyed medicine and helping people, so I thought this would be a good career choice for myself.  Then I thought about the day I would eventually be a Mom.  I thought about the long hours a Dr. puts in and did not see how I could be a good Mom and a good Dr.  I am not saying it cannot be done, but I did not think I could manage to do those 2 things well. So I chose to go to nursing school. It seemed to be a more flexible and not as much of a time commitment.

After Dave and I had been married for a few years, we were coming home from vacation (I can still remember where we were) and he said, “I think it is time to start our family.”  I had just finished my first semester of grad school.  There was no way I wanted to start a family then.  So we waited till I finished school.  Except, life never goes exactly like we plan it.  Of course, I had the perfect time table.  God had different plans.  So we waited until it was God’s perfect timing not my timing.  As I waited, I struggled with different things, but the biggest thing I struggled with was how my friend who did become a Dr. could also be pregnant.  I was jealous and struggled with having to wait when I had given up a career choice for this baby.  God in His goodness and kindness did not make me wait for long.

Sitting in the nursery holding Danielle in the rocking chair looking outside at the beautiful snow with tears in my eyes I told God and Danielle, “I am so glad I gave up those things for you.”  How I have loved being a Mom.  The joys have been more than I could ever imagine, because I did not give up anything, I gained everything.

Danielle, I love being your mom.  I love when you call to ask my advice, or tell me a story, or just need a sounding board.  I love when you need medical advice or plant advice. I love our conversations about what God is teaching you and how you are growing in Him.  I am so happy you had the opportunity to be a camp counselor last summer and chose to get involved in the lives of those girls.  They will never forget the fun times they had at camp or how much you impacted them and taught them about our Lord.

You have an infectious smile.  You share the joy of the Lord.  You watch for people that need love and love them.  You look out for people that need help and help them.  You enjoy teaching and helping others learn.  You are a bit quirky like me and break out into song spontaneously, only yours is usually on key.

I could not be more proud of the young lady you have become and the godly character you exhibit in your life.  So today on your 21st birthday, I pray that God will continue to be your source of joy and His Word will be a light to your path.  You know that throughout this journey of life I am always here for you. Happy Birthday!

I love you,