Prayer Meeting



Prayer meeting…what comes to mind?  I went to my last prayer meeting at the First Baptist Church of Rochester last night.  I was supposed to work in the nursery, but no babies showed up, so I debated about going home and packing more boxes or preparing grad presents.  I am glad I chose to go to prayer meeting.  There was not anything amazing or different last night.  Rather, it was comfortable.  I arrived late and found a seat quickly and listened to people share their requests.  I must admit rather than praying, I sat with my eyes closed and listened as others prayed and enjoyed that comfortable feeling of being with your church family as they brought their requests and the requests of others to the Throne of God. I know these people.  I have been attending prayer meeting with them for 16 years.


I have always enjoyed attending prayer meeting.  It was never a drudgery or something I felt required to do.  It may have been inconvenient at times, but my schedule was prepared around it.


There is nothing like meeting halfway through the week with fellow believers and praying together and being reminded from God’s Word and tidbit of truth to challenge us for the rest of the week.  It is comfortable and comforting.  It is a moment of refuge and rest.  It is not a requirement, but rather a time of refreshment.


“Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18:20).  God is also present during those moments at prayer meeting.  What would happen if we let that thought sink in during our time together?  Would our fervency increase?  Would our requests become bolder?  Would our prayers be more dynamic?  Would prayer meeting become everyone’s favorite part of their week?


I treasured those moments last night and wanted to hold onto that feeling of comfort knowing that the next prayer meeting I attend will not have the same feeling.  I will be amongst believers and we will share the same God and the same message of hope, but time breeds familiarity which breeds comfort.  As I am stretched into a new environment, a new church family, a new place to worship, I am trusting God.


Nothing will be able to replace FBCR.  Someone told me the other day, “I have attended a lot of churches, and this is the best one.”  As we move and begin to look for a new church, nothing will be able to replace FBCR.  Nothing will be able to replace the intimacy of a prayer meeting with a group of believers I have served with, prayed with, and loved.  God has a plan, and I look forward to seeing how the next chapter of our church life unfolds as He prepares the way for us.


I encourage you to attend prayer meeting.  Plan your schedule around it.  Make it a priority to your week.  Ponder as you sit there amongst the rest of the believers that God is in your midst.  May great things happen in FBCR, people’s lives, and the community of Rochester because the Power of prayer was fully realized and appreciated.


One thought on “Prayer Meeting

  1. This is such a sweet post, but the best is the adorable picture of Denise! Ridiculously cute! I will pray for an amazing church family in Grand Rapids. I understand the hard goodbyes… Love you, Kim

    Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2016 10:16:49 +0000 To:

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