Sold II


For the last two years my husband, Dave, has been working in Grand Rapids which is a 2.5 hour drive away from where we currently live.  On April 1, we put our house on the market anticipating a move date by June 15.  We did not anticipate any issues with selling our home; it is in a great location with a beautiful backyard and many updates throughout the house.  At least we thought we would not have any issues.  Little did I realize when we started this process that it would take over 80 showings before the perfect buyer would appear and fall in love with our home.  With that many showings, the places to go begin to be limited and our gracious neighbors would let us invade their home time and again while we vacated our home.  When we happened to catch a glimpse of the people looking at our home, my heart would sink.  Those people won’t take care of my home, they won’t love it and keep it clean like I have.  After over 80 showings though, I began to care less and less.  I began to wonder if I should clean the house before or after the people left.  Our daughters were fabulous and now have this down to a science.


God brought us a buyer this week, and not just any buyer.  The wonderful family that is buying our home wrote us the sweetest letter.  Quote from the letter “We have looked at many, many homes and not many of them had the feeling of homeowner pride until we saw your home.  We are looking for a home that is loved as much as we love our home.  We appreciate the overall house and all the time, effort, and love that went to creating it…we will continue to make your home a warm and loving place…”  God blesses us “exceedingly and abundantly more than we ask or think…” (Ephesians 3:20).


This is still a difficult process as we pack up almost 17 years of memories, but the same God who provided these special people to buy our home goes before us preparing more special people who will help us create new memories.  We must not forget to notice the many blessings God gives us and thank Him for them.


Written on a card on my desk right now is Romans 1:21 “For although they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks to Him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened.” I don’t want to ever forget to say “thank-you” to God.  I don’t want my thinking to become futile nor my heart to become dark.


When the girls were little, my mom bought them a chalk board with magnetic letters around it.  As we have been packing and cleaning, it was moved to the garage to be moved since it was something we did not need.  This chalk board has changed from something we didn’t need to something that has been encouraging and inspirational to all of us.  We come up with words that represent the day or an attitude we are to have.


Don’t forget to say “thank-you.”  Remember to look for the little blessings and thank God for those.  We must never take for granted the little things because God has His hand in those just as much as He has His hand in the big things in life.


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