You are a Treasure!

Danielle Camp 408

“The heart of her husband has full confidence in her, as a result,

he lacks nothing of value.”

(Proverbs 31:11, ISV).

As many men have gone off to war or are called upon to leave their homes and serve overseas, many of the women left behind to “tend the home fires” are forgotten, and the inconveniences they must endure while “holding down the fort” are forgotten.  Yet these men who left their homes behind do not forget what they left behind.  As we recall our humble beginnings as a nation and what it cost to become a country, seldom do we think of the “home” that was left behind by these brave soldiers.  During the Revolutionary war, many women were left at home to tend the fields, the animals, and raise the children while also watching their farms be ruined by fighting and troop movement through their land.  Thousands of families suffered hardships as their husbands and sons left for war, hoping against hope that these loves ones would return. Unfortunately, many did not.  As these men fought for an ideal, an America free from British rule, they had to have “full confidence in their wives” at home to take care of the livelihood that they had worked so diligently to establish in this new country.

What would have happened to these men and their livelihood and property if their wives did not completely support their husbands and work tirelessly to care for the fields, the animals, and their children?  What would have happened to the founding of America if the wives had their own ideas for success and it was not caring for their home?  If the wives first goal was not the home but rather their own comfort and success, could the men have gone off to war?  Or would they have felt obliged to stay home to be sure their property and family stayed intact?

How important is the wife to a successful family?  How important is the woman’s goals to the safe care and guarding of a family?  How important are the priorities of a woman to the home?

According to Proverbs 31:11, the value of a woman that can be trusted with the care of the home, the finances of the home, and the care of the children is equal to a man “that lacks nothing of value.”  A man’s wife that can be trusted is a treasure.

As wives do we consider ourselves treasures?  When our husbands can have full confidence in who we are as people do we feel like a treasure?  When the plethora of daily household tasks are successfully completed and our priorities reflect a godly woman who places God first in our lives, do we consider ourselves a treasure?  What about the many days that no one notices all we do, and when the day went by without a hitch, do we consider ourselves to be a treasure?

Lately, I have been contemplating one of the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22- longsuffering.  As a mom and a wife, this needs to be one of the qualities that is displayed daily in my life, but is it?  When I am short with my husband or daughters, am I longsuffering?  Longsuffering must be a part of my daily life in order to be a treasure to my family.

Can our husbands leave us in the charge of the home, knowing that his “treasure” is safely guarding all he has worked so hard for?  Or does he leave each day, and wonder what he will come home to?  Will he not be a better employee if he can “safely trust in his wife?”

I realize that this does not take into account those wives that work full-time, or those that are single, or the husband is the one that cannot be trusted.  One of the frequent axioms I say to my daughters is “we must take what we know and apply it to what we don’t know.”  How can this verse apply to your situation and make it a better situation?  You may not see the results for years, but faithfulness to Scripture provides results in our lives no matter the circumstances.

No matter who you are or what you do, consider yourself a treasure and if need be start acting like one.  Consider yourself a treasure, and rest assured that all the unnoticed tasks and sacrifices are noticed by God and His rewards are far greater than any we could receive here one earth.  Go now and be a treasure!


  1. You are a treasure! What else does God call an excellent wife in Proverbs 12:4?
  1. No matter the surroundings, a treasure always stands out. Amidst a pile of coal, a diamond shines and sparkles.  Amidst the rocks in the bottom of a stream, gold glistens in the sun.  Why do we think that our surroundings are the cause for our character flaws?  Why are so quick to play the blame game like they did in the Garden of Eden?
  1. Life is hard, however do the people we admire ever complain about their circumstances? How many war veteran stories were written about the complainers?  No, the stories that we take courage from are from those that showed courage amidst very difficult situations.  Will you choose to be a treasure that shines or a piece of coal that grouses about the difficulties in life?

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