No Arguing

No arguing.  How many conversations have you had with your children that ends in an argument?  Not necessarily a shouting match, but a rapid back-and-forth conversation that leaves both parties frustrated and often with no solution or a solution that is not amiable to both.  The parent sees the parental truth and the child sees the truth from the perspective of the child.  How often have you had a conversation with your child that ended pleasantly and the issue was resolved and the wrong behavior was corrected and the child became the person the parent wanted them to be?  No matter with whom we have a conversation, if there is conflict or confrontation that takes place in the end there was some sort of a disagreement and exchange of words with an attempt to make the opposing parties understand the opposite point of view.

No arguing.  In the exchange between Jehovah God and the man, the woman, and the serpent, there was no arguing.  If you go back and read the exchanges that took place between each and God, there were questions by God and answers by the man and the woman.  There was no arguing.  They did not try to argue with God over their actions.  They did try to blame someone or something else for what they did and try to cover-up their actions by blaming another, but there was no arguing with God.

No arguing.  After the question and answer session between God and the man and the woman, God handed out their punishment.  Notice in Genesis 3:13, 14 that God does not ask the serpent any questions, God just hands down the punishment to the serpent and then to Satan.  Even though we have seen the serpent talk to the woman, God gave the serpent no opportunity to talk.  What good would have come from his mouth?  Nothing good had come from his mouth yet as we saw in the exchange between the serpent and the woman.  God gave the serpent no opportunity to even address the Creator of the Universe.

No arguing.  God knew the truth.  There was no need for arguing since the facts were clearly seen by God and the man and the woman committed the sin.  In our world today, we see the truth so distorted by each person’s own individual interpretation of the truth.  As we digress further and further from the truth, we see more arguing over wording, rights, freedom, and anti-discrimination.  We would not want to offend anyone so we argue over discrimination laws, a person’s rights, and a person’s personal freedoms.

No arguing.  God handed the punishment down to the serpent, Satan, the woman, and the man.  God did not worry about how they would feel or if He took away their freedoms.  They committed sin and sin must be punished.  They were banished from the garden and given individual punishments, and as we look at the passage in Genesis 3:14-19 there was no arguing with God over their punishment.  The gavel came down on their fate and they accepted it.  How can we argue with the Creator of the Universe?  Many in our culture today do not see the repercussions of their sin, rather they continue in the path of destruction, hurting many alongside of them and many that will come after them.  To borrow one of the laws of thermodynamics and apply it here “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  The more sin someone gets away with the rippling tide that will follow may not be seen immediately, but it will be felt or manifested in the generations to come.

No arguing.  We should be more like the man and woman who realized the Creator of the Universe was handing out their punishment and they just needed to listen.  The Bible is the truth by which we should live.  We need to go back to the days when it was the guidebook for living, not the ruling from the courts.


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