Path.  Do you ever get from point A to point B and you cannot remember how you got there or even when you started?  Maybe you do know how you have arrived and you look back over the events that took place and you either marvel at watching the hand of God move in your life or you regret every decision you made along the way.  My husband started a new job a few months ago and as we look back over the course of the last 4-5 years we can see the hand of God moving to the point of this new job, but also the many benefits along the way while following this path.  I have also witnessed the flip side of this coin and the path of poor decisions that resulted in negative consequences.  What seems good for a season only turns into a burden of regrets.

Path.  The woman started on a path in Genesis 3 that led her to a place of regrets that she carried and was reminded of daily.  God forgave her sin, but the burden of regrets was heavy as she had pain during childbearing, struggled against the thorns and thistles, and knew that the end was death.  These were some of the consequences that the man and the woman brought on themselves as they chose to be disobedient.

Path.  So how did the woman get to this point?  She allowed herself to be drawn down the wrong path.  First, she listened to a talking serpent.  Red flag #1.  Have you ever begun a conversation with someone that you knew ahead of time would not turn out well?  The person has a poor reputation, previous conversations have not turned out well, or the first words out of the mouth of the other individual were not a good introduction to the rest of the conversation.  Using the woman as an example from Genesis 3, we know the first thing we should do is run. This conversation will not turn out well, we should not even continue into it.  Run.

Path.  Next, the question from the serpent put doubts about God into the woman’s mind.  I appreciate a good debate.  A few months ago there was a debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, and their debate centered on evolution vs. creation.  Both were prepared for the debate, there was a moderator who kept things orderly, and there were guidelines established before the debate that also assisted in the orderliness of the debate.  Neither participant was taken off guard when the debate started.  Many times in our everyday walks of life, we are caught off guard by an interaction with someone.  In these situations we must run.  The woman, when she heard the initial question, “Did God actually say?” should have left, sought support, or sought counsel.  Rather than these options she entertained the question.  The minute something/someone puts a doubt in your mind about God, who He is, what He does, or how He acts; we must immediately return to truth.  The initial question, “Did God actually say?” caused doubt.

Path.  The woman’s response was inaccurate.  When we have an inaccurate response, a lie, we must realize that as another red flag.  After a few mistakes, we begin to think we have to keep going in order to cover our tracks or just get to the other side of this quagmire and hopefully the other side of this wrong path will not be so bad.   Yet, in our minds it seems too difficult to turn back so we continue, which is what the woman did.

Path.  Consider your own life.  Have there been red flags that you have ignored?  Where did it take you?  Was the sin only fun for a season, but the consequences of the sin outweighed the short term enjoyment?  We will continue our Path of destruction from the woman’s perspective in the next post.  Consider your path, it may change the course of your life.


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