Crafty. What comes to mind when we see this word or hear this word? Is it someone who is very creative with an item and can turn it into something useful? How about someone who can figure out how to make something ordinary look magnificent? These are the positive connotations for the word, but what about the negative connotations of the word? Crafty can also mean subtle, cunning, sneaky, sly, devious, or deceitful.

Crafty. In Genesis 3:1 “Now the serpent was more crafty…” When God made everything in the world He said, “It is very good.” There was no evil connotation for any part of what God had made. However, when Satan fell and brought evil into the world at this particular moment he chose this particular serpent to indwell in order to confront Eve and attempt to dissuade her into being part of his evil schemes. The serpent in and of itself was not devious, sly, or crafty. After Satan indwelt the serpent, he took on these characteristics of Satan and manifested the character of Satan: crafty and devious.

Crafty. One of the first things that should have put Eve on alert that something abnormal was taking place was a talking creature. There is no previous indication that there had been talking animals before, so now Eve is confronted with a talking serpent. That should have been the first thing that made Eve be on guard and question what was going on. Rather than question a talking serpent, she entertained the question that he asked her, “Did God actually say…?”

Crafty. When met with a choice or a decision to make we must consider the source, what is being said, and how it is being said. Is it an abnormal question, does it go against what God says in the Bible, or does it go against your conscience?

Crafty. Satan being the master of manipulation and deceit will use whatever is necessary to persuade those he is tempting to make a poor choice even if it is a small, poor choice. He knows that a small choice that is wrong will eventually lead to an even bigger poor choice. Satan will use our emotions, our selfish desires, our insecurities, and our misconceptions of truth to deceive us into making a poor choice. He even allows us to take credit for an idea that was really his if that decision leads us further down the path of sin and destruction.

Crafty. These decision do not start out on a path to moral or emotional destruction, but rather they start out rather innocently without there being any consequences or any ill-effects from the first wrong thought or wrong decision. As Satan, indwelling the serpent, approached Eve, there was nothing wrong with the approach of the serpent. Adam had named the animals and conceivably the only way this could have happened was God brought the animals to Adam to name. Adam was not chasing the animals around looking for all the different animals that God had created. God brought these animals to him.

Crafty. An animal approaching Eve was not something uncommon, but when the animal began to speak Eve should have taken this as the first clue that there was something wrong. No animal had talked with her before. However, being in a perfect environment may have caused her to not think there was anything she had to be on guard.

Crafty. When a situation arises, however small and insignificant we must ask ourselves. “Does this go against the Bible, against what God says, or against my conscience? The crafty serpent will not take the form of a serpent, but he may take the form of another sin that will entangle us until we can’t even remember what the first step was on the path of destruction. It all starts with a choice.


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