Choices. We all have them, not just on a daily basis but on a minute-by-minute basis. We hear about our choices on TV, the radio, conversation with friends and family, books we read, and the list could go on.  What choices do we face?  What should I wear, what should I eat, what should I watch, what should I listen to, should I get out of bed or hit the snooze one more time?  Choices are made every day many times without any thought about the “why” behind what we choose.  As we watch a commercial and then go hunt in the pantry for the latest chip that was advertised because they looked so good on TV, we are being persuaded again without any preconceived thought as to why we make the choices we make.

Choices.  Many choices we make are impulsive.  Many choices we make are “from the gut.”  Sometimes these choices are good ones and other times they prove to have life altering consequences or life altering repercussions.  These choices we make not only affect the person making them, but also those around us, those we love, and those we trust.  So why do we make poor choices that are not thought through?  I think there is only one way to summarize these poor choices: selfishness.

Choices.  At our house, there is a phrase that I commonly say to my daughters, “It’s not about you.”  They don’t appreciate this phrase too much when it comes out of my mouth and reaches their ears and their hearts.  Many times we think that a situation should be about what we need, when truthfully someone else has needs far greater than ours.  Many times the words that we say are hurtful because we think the conversation or the relationship should be about us, should be about me.

Choices.  Many times I consider the people that I enjoy being around the most:  it is those people that care about me despite the circumstances in their lives.  These individuals are looking out for my best interest and want to meet my needs.  The love they have for me flows not just from their words, but also flows from their actions.  Sometimes it seems to flow from their pours.  When I am with these lovely people, I want to return in a small way what they have given to me, and many times I feel so inadequate.

Choices.  The flip side of this is those individuals that are selfish and are always manipulating a situation for personal gain.  We know people like this too.  A conversation is always about them, they never ask a question about you, and when you do talk they always seem to be thinking about what to say next rather than listen intently to what you are saying.  They frequently interrupt in order to make their point because it is such a good point.

Choices.  My question is why do we allow ourselves to be around these types of people or why do we allow people to even act this way?  Why do we tolerate people that continue to make choices that negatively affect us?  These people could be part of our family and we have no choice, but many times they are such good manipulators we believe the words they say when we know the truth of how they live their lives.

Choices.  So which person are you?  What are the choices that you make that show the kind of person you really are?  What flows from your pours to the people in your lives?  We all make choices every day, small choices and big choices, and each of these choices no matter the magnitude affect the next step in our lives.  Will you think before you act or speak next time?


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