Soft. In the original language of the Hebrew “isha” (woman) means soft.  Some may take offense to this definition of a woman.  A woman has many characteristics that make her strong and by some definitions hard.  A woman is able to multitask by making supper, helping with homework, and fixing a broken toy.  A woman is tough when it comes to childbirth.  Going through labor is not a job for the weak.  A woman is tough to have gone through childbirth more than once because we know exactly what we are getting ourselves into.

Soft.  Woman have gone into battle and fought heroically to victory, for example Joan of Arc or Deborah in the Bible.  Women take a stand for what is right like Rosa Parks who would not yield her seat on a bus in order to make the statement that blacks and whites were equally right to that seat.  Many wives of our Presidents have proven strong during difficult times as First Ladies in a public and often political role.  Martha Washington ran the Washington estate while late President Washington was leading an army or leading the country.  Louisa Catherine Adams traveled with her young son through rough terrain and treacherous conditions when left behind in Russia by late president John Quincy Adams as he handled foreign affairs.  We could list many women who have quite capably handled challenging, grueling, and even incomprehensible situations in life.

Soft.  When woman was first given the name “woman” of all the words to be chosen, the name she was given means “soft.”  I am touched by this word that God has given to us as females.  Soft doesn’t mean squishy with fat bulges hanging out all over so that when a woman is touched she feels soft.  “Soft” means her character, it is the way she comes across with those she interacts with.  The softest moments of a woman are when she is caring for her newborn baby.  She is tender, gentle, sensitive, tenderhearted, and even sentimental.  When I think of the ideal picture of a mom these are the words that come to mind.  Do these words apply only to a mom or can they apply to any woman?  They apply to any woman since this is the meaning of woman.

Soft. So the question to ponder is why do some woman think being soft is a detriment to their character or to their relationships?  As a general rule we tend to think when we are soft, we are mistreated, taken advantage of, or abused.  Can we be soft and yet still have a strength of character?  Of course!  Proverbs 15:1 states “A soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger.”  Think about the kind of people we enjoy being around.  Is it the calloused uncaring individual that we are drawn to or is it the soft, tender person who is understanding and encouraging to us?  Maybe we can step back into the roles we were meant to have and be soft as woman.  I wonder what would change in our lives, our homes, and our world.


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