God’s Image

Image, God’s Image. I embrace the fact that I was made in God’s image, yet there are many who shun this fact.  There are many who loathe the thought of being made in God’s Image.  These deny the existence of God and also believe that the beginning of the world happened through a set of cosmic collisions that happened at a random moment in time and space. 


Image, God’s Image.  The word image in the original Hebrew language means likeness.  Genesis 1:26 says “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…’”  In the Hebrew language if something is repeated, it is done for emphasis, not much different than our English language.  The more important something is the more we repeat it in different ways using different words so the point can be made and the person listening to us can understand what we are communicating.  In this verse, God is communicating to us that we as human beings are made in God’s image.  God wants us to walk away from this verse and realize how important we are because we are made in His Image.  If we read the verses preceding this one, there is no mention of anything else being created in God’s image.  No animal or plant was made in God’s image.


Image, God’s Image.  When a baby is born everyone tries to decide who the baby looks like.  Does this cute little bundle of joy look like his/her Mom or Dad or even Grandpa or Grandma?  What is the likeness of this little one?  Bigger than Mom and Dad, this little one is in the likeness of God.  When we hold that new baby for the first time, do we attribute its unique characteristics to random chance or an ordered design by the Grand Designer? 


Image, God’s Image.  What happens when we attribute our existence to random chance?  What happens when we attribute our existence to a set of cosmic collisions at a random time and space?  We demean ourselves.  We as human beings are no greater than the atoms that collided together to randomly bring us into existence.  As demeaned human beings we are no better than the cosmic particles that collided to form us.  No wonder so many human beings struggle with who they are and their self-esteem.  No wonder so many struggle with their identity and their self-worth, their origin was a random chance.


Image, God’s Image.  What happens when we attribute our existence to an eternal God who holds the world in the palm of His hand? (Psalms 95:3-5).  There is a part of most humans to want to meet a famous person.  Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Henry Ford…Any one of these men would be so interesting to meet, talk with, and pick their brains.  Why?  They invented some interesting, fascinating, and life-altering products.  The way we live our lives has been dramatically altered by the inventions of these men.  Sitting in their presence and talking with them would have an impact on any of our lives.


Image, God’s Image.  If these men invented such wonderful things and we desire to meet them to get a glimpse of their genius, wouldn’t we also want to meet the Creator of the Universe who made us in His image?  Not only did God create us as human beings, He made us even better than the animals by making us in His image.  As we ponder this concept, this overwhelming concept, tell me why anyone would want to attribute their existence to random chance through molecular collision? 


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