Original Intent

Original intent.  What do these words mean?  An ink pen is not used to pound in a nail, nor is a hammer used to write a letter.  The original intent of these objects was to write and pound in nails.  The original intent of these objects can be changed by humans, but they will not effectively do the job or task for which they were originally made.


Original intent. How far have we come from the original intent of our founding fathers with our Constitution?  It was meant to be a guideline for our everyday lives, instead of the original intent of the authors being considered, we now have a living document that no longer looks at the original intent of the framers but rather peers at life in the 21st century through our current rose colored glasses.  Instead of looking at a situation through the eyes of the framers, our judicial system now looks at the constitution through the eyes of our current political agenda.


Original intent.  Man and woman were created in the image of God.  This fact was not disputed or questioned until the 1800’s.  No one thought of the world coming into being at any other time than when God created it.  No human being was present when God said, “Let there be light.” (Genesis 1: 3).  Not one human being was present the day fish began to swim, the day the eagle first took flight, or the moment when a dog smelled its first spot of grass.  No one except Adam heard the first words from God as He gave Adam instructions on the purpose and guidelines for his life.  The original intent of God was for man and woman to rule the earth and to “…Be fruitful and multiply…” (Genesis 1:28).


Original intent.  God created the world as a perfect place with perfect people who had the perfect job and the perfect food.  If we want to truly see our roles and responsibilities as humans we must go back to the original intent of God.  This original intent of God has not changed, just as the use of a hammer and a fountain pen have not changed.  Just as the original intent of the Founding Fathers was never meant to change, so the original intent of God for the world has not changed. 


Original intent.  The idea behind the story of evolution sees our world coming out of chaos, quite the dichotomy from the Creation account.  Chaos vs. Orderly Creation.  As humans we are bombarded with a barrage of “facts” about the original intent of our world.  Is it evolving to a more perfect state or is it heading towards more disorder and chaos?  The account of Creation would have us believe our world is becoming increasingly chaotic, whereas the account of evolution would have us believe our world is becoming more orderly.  What is the original intent of the foundation of the world?  Chaos to order or order to chaos?  We must look at the world around us and evaluate these two thoughts based on what we see.  Is there more order or less order? Is there more chaos or less chaos?  Original intent.


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