A Bibliology test

I am going to give my girls a test over the things they have been learning about the Bible so I thought I would post most of the test and see how you would do based on the things I have written over the last few weeks and based on what you already know about this important doctrine. During the last week we have also gone over some of Martin Luther’s ninety-five theses. I have to admit I have never read every single one of them, but now that we have been discussing them I decided to read them through and see if I learned anything new. Have you ever looked at them and read them all? We talk about the ninety-five theses, but do we truly know anything about them. If you want to become more informed about them I have included a link that lists all ninety-five these in English, of course. Not too many can read Latin that proficiently these days.


Go ahead and take the test and see how you do. In a few days I will post the test with the answers, and you can compare your answers with what I have found in my research. You may have better answers than mine, so feel free to post so we can learn together.

Bibliology Test

1. What is the difference between revelation, inspiration, and illumination? What continues today and what has ceased?

2. What is the definition of Canon?

3. What is the difference between canonization and inspiration?

4. How many authors wrote the Bible?

5. Over how many years was the Bible written?

6. What are five principles of canonicity for the Old Testament?

7. What are the determining factors for canonization of the New Testament? There is one main test and then 5 supporting determinates. What are each of these? The main one and the five determinates.

8. What is the Septuagint?

9. Who translated the Old Testament into Latin? What is it called? Why is it called this?

10. What does plenary mean?

11. What does inerrant mean?

12. What does General Revelation mean?

13. What is Special Revelation?

14. What does Incarnate mean?

15. What is Bibliology?


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