An Unexpected Check on Mom’s Bucket List


Sometimes the unexpected ends up being more beneficial and helpful than the expected, planned, or anticipated. We have all had experiences like this. Can you think of one or two right now? How about the unexpected gift of flowers that arrives at your door one day, or an unexpected visitor that leaves you filled with more joy than you had before they arrived, or an unexpected hug and thank-you from your children over something you thought was inconsequential and insignificant? We have all experienced something like this and so many times those unexpected things or events are some of our most treasured memories.

As you know I am trying to make sure my girls know all I think they need to know before they are on their own. I call this my “bucket list.” This week they were able to do something that I hadn’t even put on my list, let alone ever thought of putting on “the list.” My parents were here last week-end for Easter. We had a great time playing games together, going for walks, going out for dinner, and preparing for our Easter lunch. We had a great time together. My Dad is a building contractor and can fix anything or figure anything out. We have had an electrical problem for years at our house and we asked him to fix it while he was here. After some time of questioning and investigating, he figured out the problem. Now mind you the electrical at our house has no rhyme or reason to it. If we turn off a breaker the lights in the basement may go out along with the lights in the second story bathroom. Needless to say this was an easy fix once the investigation was complete.

On Monday we went to Lowes to get a few supplies for this electrical project and we also bought a new gas grill. My Dad told my sweet daughters to put the grill together themselves and if they had a problem, he would help them. He wanted them to do it together, but by themselves. Danielle was in charge so there were lessons on leadership and lessons on submission by all involved. They tackled the project with much enthusiasm and organization. They got everything out of the box and organized it. Then they began with step one of the directions and started reading, finding the parts, assembling each part with meticulous detail. As I worked on other projects around the house, I cherished every moment of hearing them work together with great unity and effectiveness. When they needed help they called Grandpa. They didn’t need him till the end of the project when one of the fittings was not made properly so a bit of adjustment was needed. The grill works perfectly, and even though it is still winter here in Michigan we have used our new grill.

My sweet girls, you did a great job learning together, working together, and communicating together; and now every time that you the grill is used you can remember the fun and learning that can be had when you work together. Check…putting together a grill for Mom’s bucket list. Now on to one of our next things to learn…how to use the grill. That will be another time.


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