A poem about prayer

Communication and relationship seem to go hand-in-hand. It is difficult to grow in a relationship if no communication takes place. As time goes by in a relationship, there comes a point that it is comfortable to just be together without communication all the time. Just enjoying each other’s company seems to be enough, but that is not healthy every day all the time.

As I have been reading and studying God’s Word, it seems that I keep reading about prayer and hearing about it each week while at church. Jesus spent much time in prayer, early in the morning talking to His Father in Heaven. He taught about prayer in what we call the Lord’s Prayer. Prayer is an essential part of a Christian’s life. Being a somewhat organized person, I felt like my prayer life was too haphazard. I wanted to pray for things, or people, or long term needs and requests; but always felt like I forgot something or someone or got distracted. As I was considering these things one night and studying prayer, I wrote the following poem. In God’s way, He is teaching me about prayer through books and His Word, and though I am not where I want to be, I appreciate the emphasis that is being made in my life.

I went to the throne with a request on my heart
It wasn’t for me I was just doing my part
Humbly bowing before my Creator Divine
I knew He had the answers in His own time

I went day-by-day with a want or a need
Never thinking to Him I had asked all in greed
No answer to these seemed to come as I prayed
So I went to His Word that at times seemed so frayed

I looked at how Jesus had prayed while on earth
I pondered the prayers and what they were worth
It wasn’t what was said in those prayers that I saw
It wasn’t that He followed the prayers of the law

No words were recorded in most of those places
Only examples in actions that faithfully graces
The pages of Scripture written down for our thought
To show through example this is how He taught

The emphasis was on the time that he spent
In the dark all alone in earnest intent
Not on what He would gain as He humbly lost sleep
But rather on the relationship He desired to keep


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