What then should we know?

Why do you believe what you believe? Why do think the way you do? Where does your basis for truth come from? Do you think what you think because you think it or someone else told you that is what you are to think? Do you believe what you believe because that is what your parents believe? Is your basis for truth based on something solid or shifting sand?
Maybe these are questions you have never considered before or have never wanted to consider before. When I started my “bucket list” for things I wanted my girls to know sewing a button and plunging a toilet were high on the list, but even higher on the list was the answers to these questions. As a child, my least favorite saying from my parents was, “Because I told you.” I wanted to know why, but they wanted me to trust them. I wanted to understand the foundation of things, they wanted me to probe and discover the foundation on my own. They guided me on many areas, but I always wanted to know “why.”
In our culture today, we are seeing a shift in morality, a shift in truth, a shift in conservative vs. liberal, a shift in values. Is it because kids today are not guided by truth, but rather by how they feel? Have you ever monitored your emotions for a day? Do they change over the course of the day? If we lived totally by how we feel, our society would be lazier, dumber, and full of more crime than we are today.
I don’t have all of the answers, but I do know where all the answers are…THE BIBLE. Dave and I have taken our girls to church since they were newborns. They love going to church, but will they when they leave our home? Will they know why they believe what they believe or will they begin to question themselves and say, “Why do I believe this?” Will they know what church to attend and understand what that church believes or will they struggle with the church’s doctrinal statement?
Over the next weeks, some of these posts will discuss the essential core Biblical beliefs that need to be seen from a Biblical perspective. We will learn about Bibliology (the study of the Bible), Anthropology (the study of man from the Biblical perspective), Hamartiology (the study of sin from the Biblical perspective), and many others.
It will take some time to study each of these truths so there will not be a post every week about these studies. Stay tuned and learn along with us. As you do, you may better understand why you believe what you believe.


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