My daughter’s new love, hamburgers

Last spring, while Denise and I were out of town at a soccer tournament, Dave took our other two daughters out for a hamburger at Burgz. He had heard rave reviews about it and decided to treat the girls to a hamburger. Ever since then, Delaney has had a fascination with hamburgers. Over Christmas break while in Florida every time we went out to eat, guess what she had…a hamburger. Sometimes these burgers were bigger than she was, but she managed to eat them anyway. For Christmas, she received a gift card to Barnes and Noble and you can guess what she bought with her gift card…yes, a cookbook on how to make hamburgers. Since making hamburgers was on my “bucket list” for the girls before she even bought the cookbook, you can imagine my delight.
A few days ago we set out to make hamburgers for dinner. These were not your traditional hamburgers, for though they are made with hamburger they are shaped like a brat. Delaney added some spices and chopped onions to the hamburger meat and then mixed it up by hand. (Yes, there was a few faces made upon the initial plunge of hands into the hamburger meat, but once the shock of “this is gross” wore off she did a great job.) She formed the meat into a brat shape-and-thickness hamburger, then she learned how to turn on the grill and grill them with the utmost care. They were challenging to grill, as we tried to keep them from falling apart. There was condiment preparations that took place as well. We had sliced tomatoes, lettuce, hand-sliced pickles, ketchup, mustard, cheese, and mayonnaise.
The verdict from her family was two thumbs up! We are all looking forward to her next hamburger creation. We have included the recipe below in case you are interested.

Spiced Mediterranean Burgers
2 pounds ground beef
½ onion, peeled, finely grated
1 tsp finely chopped garlic
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
1 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro
1 tsp dried oregano
½ tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp ground cumin
Salt and pepper to taste
1. Preheat the barbecue or broiler
2. Place the burger ingredients in a large bowl, blend the mixture with your hands, taking care not to overwork it.
3. Form the mixture into 8 long oval shapes, about 1 inch thick.
4. Chargrill, broil, or fry the burgers for about 5 minutes on each side or longer according to your taste
5. Split the rolls or pita breads without cutting them through.
Recipe from: Paul Gaylor. Burgers. (New York: Castle Books, 2010), p 34.


What then should we know?

Why do you believe what you believe? Why do think the way you do? Where does your basis for truth come from? Do you think what you think because you think it or someone else told you that is what you are to think? Do you believe what you believe because that is what your parents believe? Is your basis for truth based on something solid or shifting sand?
Maybe these are questions you have never considered before or have never wanted to consider before. When I started my “bucket list” for things I wanted my girls to know sewing a button and plunging a toilet were high on the list, but even higher on the list was the answers to these questions. As a child, my least favorite saying from my parents was, “Because I told you.” I wanted to know why, but they wanted me to trust them. I wanted to understand the foundation of things, they wanted me to probe and discover the foundation on my own. They guided me on many areas, but I always wanted to know “why.”
In our culture today, we are seeing a shift in morality, a shift in truth, a shift in conservative vs. liberal, a shift in values. Is it because kids today are not guided by truth, but rather by how they feel? Have you ever monitored your emotions for a day? Do they change over the course of the day? If we lived totally by how we feel, our society would be lazier, dumber, and full of more crime than we are today.
I don’t have all of the answers, but I do know where all the answers are…THE BIBLE. Dave and I have taken our girls to church since they were newborns. They love going to church, but will they when they leave our home? Will they know why they believe what they believe or will they begin to question themselves and say, “Why do I believe this?” Will they know what church to attend and understand what that church believes or will they struggle with the church’s doctrinal statement?
Over the next weeks, some of these posts will discuss the essential core Biblical beliefs that need to be seen from a Biblical perspective. We will learn about Bibliology (the study of the Bible), Anthropology (the study of man from the Biblical perspective), Hamartiology (the study of sin from the Biblical perspective), and many others.
It will take some time to study each of these truths so there will not be a post every week about these studies. Stay tuned and learn along with us. As you do, you may better understand why you believe what you believe.

Me? A Job Interview

I went for a job interview this week. I have been looking for a job for about a month now and have had a difficult time finding something that would allow the flexibility I need while continuing to teach our daughters. I stumbled across an advertisement for a nursing job in the local newspaper, sent in my resume, and received a call back. This is so different from anything else I have done in this new phase of looking for a job in 2013. All of the other jobs I applied for were online with no direct personal contact. When I found this advertisement and sent my resume via standard postal mail, I thought this may be a good opportunity. When I received a phone call in response to my resume, I asked some specific questions about what the job would entail and what they were looking for. They asked me the same questions so I was able to tell them I needed something a bit more flexible. I feel honesty is always the best policy.

During the course of our initial phone conversation, I took down names so I would be able to address people as I met them. This first contact and first impression is so important. Letting those with whom you interview see your genuine interest in them as people, as opposed to their ability to get you a job, will actually get you a job much easier. There was some paperwork that needed to be filled out so they sent that to me via postal mail. I received the papers on a Saturday and supplied the needed information so by Monday I was able to call and set up an interview. Timeliness is also important.

As I dressed in my black dress pants and dress blazer, I started to think about other ways to make a lasting impression on those I may be potentially working with or for. I made sure I smiled and was interested in what they had to say. I made sure I had all of my paperwork filled out and turned in to them so there would be no difficulties in processing me if I they hired me.

Some jobs need a person that pays attention to detail, if that is the case make sure you pay attention to details related to the person’s office or things they have said and ask questions about it. In my case I was applying for a nursing job, so listening to what the needs of the patients may be and then asking appropriate questions will show your knowledge and interest level.

As I left, I thanked the lady I interviewed with for this opportunity and told her I was looking forward to working with her. The last thing related to the interview is to send a thank-you note for the opportunity to interview. These are all basic things that are published on many websites, but it is my intent here to consolidate some things needed for the future.

1. Send resume or CV the desired route
2. Be sure to be polite and smile even when talking on the phone.
3. Pay attention to details
4. Dress nicely in blue or black.
5. Be ready to answer questions
6. Be sure to say thank-you and follow-up with a thank-you note for the interview.
7. Once hired, be sure you live up to the promises you made or the abilities that you had.
8. Don’t be overly proud or talkative related to your past experience. Let your resume speak for itself, and if they want to know more, they will ask.
9. Be timely. Arrive to the interview early, and always allow extra time in case you get lost.

This is meant to be short summary of that is needed for a job interview. There are many excellent websites that can provide more information related to how to put together your resume, appropriate dress depending on the place you are interviewing, and things you can do to stand out from other interviewees. If you have something you want to add that would be helpful for teens as they move into this phase of their lives, please feel free to comment.