Hello and Good-bye

I was at the grocery store the other day and ran into a mom whom I had not yet met. I know her daughters and had corresponded via email, but had not yet met her in person. I introduced myself and we exchanged some nice pleasantries about her daughters who are just a joy to be around. As we were talking, she walked away. No “good-bye,” no “it was nice to finally meet you,” no “I hope you have a nice day.” I didn’t expect much, I am a pretty laid back person when it comes to some things, but I thought a “good-bye” was in order. I said good-bye to her daughters, and purchased the few things I needed and left feeling a bit saddened by this encounter.
This encounter forced me to look at how I interact with others. I realized that I can get into a rush to accomplish the tasks before me and may forget my manners. Unfortunately, this happens all too often with those I care about most: my husband and my children. They suffer the brunt of my rudeness and inconsiderateness.
So this is a reminder to all of us what we already know. Sometimes, though, we need a little prod to help us be considerate of others and show them a bit of respect. When you meet someone for the first time proper introductions need to be made. (I will cover this in another post at a later time.) If you see someone you know from across the store, wave and acknowledge that you saw each other. If time permits, by all means make an effort to say hello in person and even chat for a few minutes. When you must be dashing off say something pleasant like, “It was so nice to bump into you today, I hope you have a nice rest of your day.” I have seen quite a few people when I have been out shopping, and when I make the effort to talk with them, I feel as if I am intruding on their shopping time. So a warm greeting is so welcome and can change a person’s day. If you are familiar enough with that person, give them a hug hello or a hug good-bye. These little pleasantries go for any meeting with someone whether in their home, at church, or meeting at a restaurant for dinner. A warm greeting and a sincere good-bye go a long way and say so much about you as a person.


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