We learned to sew on buttons the other night. The most challenging part wasn’t actually the sewing of the button, but rather it was the knot at the end of the thread that caused each of my darling girls some difficulty. As we were learning this seeming easy skill (I thought it was pretty easy), I realized how important practice is even for little things like knotting a piece of thread. I have been cross stitching for as long as I can remember and making a knot seems too easy when you cross stitch. Those knots always show up in the wrong places on the thread, so needless to say I didn’t think this “easy” task of sewing a button would be so difficult.
First, the girls had to thread the needle then knot the thread. Once this difficulty was done we discussed the importance of placing the button in the right place, how to sew on a button if it has two holes or four. A four-holed button gets a nice crisscross pattern, and a two-holed button gets an easy back-and-forth pattern. Once the button was sewn on, we learned to tie another knot which was so much easier than the first and presto our button was done.
So now if you need a button sewn on or a toilet plunged…you know who to call.


2 thoughts on “Buttons

  1. Did you teach them that the place you cut your thread from the spool end is the knot end. I sewed from age 9 on and didn’t learn this till I was in my 30’s. The reason is really the other end so it don’t ravel as you sew, due to the way thread is twisted as it’s made. Also did you teach them to not knot both ends together and only use one thread thru the needle? This is so you will not have those funny loops of thead that you can’t pull up. Also drop your needle occ. and let the thread unwind as it twists as you sew and that’s where you get that funny knot between your thread and the short tail!!
    Learned most of these things from experience or in classes after I had sewed for years!!! You’re never to old to learn!! Love, Aunt DE

    • Aunt Deanna,

      I never even thought about which end to knot the thread or dropping your needle to let it unwind. What a gret idea! Thank-you for sharing your wisdom with me.

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