Thank-you notes

Since we are a few weeks past Christmas, this is a good reminder for all to make sure they sent thank-you notes for the Christmas presents they received. Sending a handwritten note seems to be a dying art these days, with the latest technology for keeping in touch with others always advancing. Yet, nothing shows your appreciation for a gift quite the same as a handwritten thank-you note.
Here are some basic reminders of what should be included in a thank-you note. First, a thank-you note should be sent out within two weeks of receiving a gift. If you receive a gift that was shipped to you the courteous thing to do is let the person who shipped the gift know you received it via a phone call, text, email, etc. This should then be followed up with a handwritten thank-you note expressing your appreciation for the gift, what you like about the gift or how you intend to use it, and how thoughtful the person was for thinking of you. If the gift is money or a gift card then include for what they will be used. The giver will enjoy knowing what their money went towards and if you see this person after you have purchased your item show the item off.
It is nice to also write a thank-you note for other areas of kindness someone has shown to you whether it is dinner at their house, an unexpected phone call, or assistance with something you couldn’t have done by yourself. There are certain people that have a gift of writing thank-you notes that warms your heart. The only way to send these types of notes is to practice and to realize how a nice thank-you note makes you feel and what it is about that nice note that touched your heart. Then include those things in your note. Writing notes is an art, and any art takes time, practice, and patience, so do not grow “weary in well-doing.”


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