“Plunge it, flush it, look out below”

This popular line from a play at camp (that has been around since I was a camper) says what the next item is to check off my bucket list. Of course, this one has to happen rather spontaneously…We have this toilet that is just difficult to get along with. You know the kind, it needs to have double and triple flushes just for a few pieces of toilet paper. This toilet has caused us so much grief since we have moved in; I had to buy a new plunger. I have never heard of anyone wearing out their plunger. We did! That day I bought my new plunger was a lonely one as I walked through the store with my children trying to pretend they didn’t know me.
So we had the opportunity to plunge this special toilet a few days ago. So after we traipsed downstairs to get the plunger that hides on its own set of paper towels, we learned how disgusting the plunger was and how it needs to be by itself. No toilet water is permitted to drop to the floor so along with carrying the plunger goes carrying a nice few layers of paper towels to absorb the water. (Maybe I will change this to a bucket. That seems more sanitary). Once the cleanliness was covered, it was time for the nitty gritty of plunging. There has to be some water in the bowl to use as a lubricant, but not so much that it splashes all over and there is a dissemination of germs. Each of my sweet daughters had the opportunity to plunge the toilet. It was a very enjoyable lesson, and one that we can now check off. Yes, the toilet is freely flowing again, and we are ready for our next plugged toilet, or else we will be more careful about how much paper we use. Sometimes, lessons learned the hard way are learned the best way. “Plunge it, flush it, look out below.”


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