Pick Up After Yourself

Around our house a frequent exchange of words goes something like this…
“Whose is this?”
“Come and take care of your stuff or I will throw it away.”

Does this exchange happen at your house? Anything from socks (almost always socks are a part of every equation) to books to balls to papers. You name it, “it” has been laying around our house when it very easily could have been put in its proper place. One of my daughters notoriously kicks her shoes off and shoves them under her bed. If she would turn to the left instead of to the right she could shove them in the closet. I haven’t gotten to the bottom of this, but maybe she has a psychological hang-up with turning left.

God even wrote about this “issue” in I Corinthians 14:50 “let all things be done decently and in order.” So if God had it written down in His Word, then it must be fairly important. We can even see the order of things in the 7 days of creation. Once the sin of Adam and Eve took place, the order of things changed and chaos become easier than order. It may be easier to kick off your shoes, without opening the closet door and putting them in the right place, and it may be more convenient to take off your socks and leave them where they fall, but what if we all did that?

The need for this directive of picking up after yourself goes beyond the need for order and reaches into the respect for others. When our things are left laying aound, it shows a lack of care for others who may trip over your shoes in the middle of the floor. So the solution here is simple and rather straightforward, put things in their place when you are finished with them and if you don’t have a place for them find it a home and put it there. You will be so glad you did, because then when you need something you know exactly where it is.

We will spend a few days working on this diligently, and then I will write about another thing to accomplish from my “bucket list” for my girls. Just because the three days is over, though, does not mean that the old habits can creep back, but rather once we have gone over a habit we are now responsible to maintain that habit.


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