2013 Bucket List for my daughters

The term “bucket list” comes from the phrase “kick the bucket.” This includes a list of things one wants to accomplish before death, but who says a “bucket list” must only include those things one wants to accomplish before death. The “bucket list” concept was made popular by the 2008 movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Jack took Morgan around the world in order to accomplish his “bucket list.” This may not be a reality for most of us since we do not have rich friends in high places lurking around the corner waiting to wisk us off on their personal jet. However, we can have a “bucket list” that fits realistically into our lives and can be accomplished. In essence, we can look at a “bucket list” as life’s great accomplishments and goals that we want to complete before death or possibly during a specified time frame. In order to reach some of these life goals, we must start with smaller more easily obtainable goals so the greater ones may be accomplished. Take for instance, the great and lofty goal of climbing Mt. Everest. This goal is not accomplished through a quick decision, but rather through much planning and preparation. First, one needs to get into shape and practice carrying their pack. This involves planning and figuring out the right things to take on this great hiking trip. Of course, we could go into greater detail, but the thought here is that much planning is involved before actually accomplishing the great and lofty goal of climbing Mt. Everest.
Let’s bring this down from the peak of Mt. Everest to the level plains of our lives. The purpose of these posts and this journey I am about to take is to assist my daughters in preparing for the next chapter in their lives.
“If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page” (Mark Houlahan). In essence as a mother to my three daughters, I am daily helping them write a new page in their magnificent story; and I am also teaching them how to write a new page themselves. I am teaching them not just with my words, but also with my life. What a weighty goal as a Mom to realize that much of my daughters’ future rests on their todays.
With this thought in mind and the fact that my oldest daughter just turned 16, I realized I needed a “bucket list” of things my girls needed to know before they left home. Some of the things on the list are small and seemingly inconsequential, but nonetheless important to know when you are living on your own. Other things are more major and will lead to helping make proper decisions later in life. Every day we have goals whether they are written down and sought after with a “never give up attitude,” or are accomplished through our passivity. My goal this year for my daughters is for them to learn and grow through purposeful teaching on my part and purposeful learning on their part. If I can teach them these things and they can learn them, when it is time for them “leave the nest” though I will be sad that they are leaving, I will not have to worry that they will not be able to take care of themselves. They will be prepared through preparing their backpacks and getting in shape through hiking and carrying this pack.
I invite you to come along with me on this journey of preparation and “bucket list” completion. Any journey that is undertaken is always better with a little company. Let us grow together on this great expedition.


3 thoughts on “2013 Bucket List for my daughters

  1. This is exciting. I’m in. Here’s my first idea: When traveling, learn how to pack for one week using only one carry-on size suitcase and a tote bag. Even better is to learn how to pack for two weeks, which is very doable.

  2. Joyce, I must admit I will need a little bit of coaching on this one before I can teach anyone else. I am not very good at prioritizing what I need and don’t need when going on a trip. You may have to help me on that one.

    • It’s always easy for others (like me) to chime in with ideas, especially because I think what you are doing is just spectacular. Plus I’m not responsible for implementation. I’m happy to help with anything, but given how organized you are I know you already have a list that probably takes you through at least half the year. So take my ideas with a grain of salt 🙂 Also, your writing skills are just superb. I am enjoying reading your posts.

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